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Mediation may soon be shown in a more glamorous way thanks to USA Network, which is developing a new tv series called “Facing Kate” for Sarah Shahi, in which she will be playing a lawyer who decides to become a mediator. (see story in the Hollywood Reporter) This has to be good news for the public image of mediation. Now people will start seeing mediation as sexy and exciting.

Mediators, however, may have to worry about cleaning up their acts. Lest participants be disappointed when they see how ordinary most of us look compared to the actors on tv, we may have to pay more attention to our hair, make-up and clothing. Of course, I have long been accustomed to dealing with this kind of pressure. My office is in the same building where McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak practiced on LA Law. There was even a character on that show named Markowitz. (Fortunately for me, he was portrayed by one of the more ordinary-looking actors, so I did not suffer in comparison.) But Sarah Shahi promises to provide formidable competition for everyone.

(Thanks to Susie North for sending this news to the SCMA list)

(photo from Exposay)