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(Wikimedia Commons) Judge Jed Rakoff of the Southern District of New York today rejected a proposed consent judgment and  $285 million settlement of an SEC enforcement action against Citigroup. The SEC alleged that Citigroup had defrauded investors in a fund comprised of toxic assets, but was willing to accept a monetary settlement and injunction without requiring Citigroup to admit the truth of these allegations. In this case, the court disapproved this longstanding practice, in its words, “hallowed by history, but not by reason.” The court’s opinion determined that the proposed Consent Judgment “is neither fair, nor reasonable, nor adequate, nor in the public interest. Most fundamentally, this is because it does not provide the Court with a sufficient evidentiary basis […]

Numbers are endlessly fascinating. Sometimes numbers take on mystical significance. Often numbers can mislead us. The number 99, for example, seems to be an order of magnitude less than 100, while a number like 22 seems almost equivalent to its neighbor 23 (even though the difference between the two smaller numbers is proportionately almost five times larger).  Ones and twos sound smaller than sevens and eights, meaning that a number like 31 can sound smaller than a number like 28. In negotiations, people place so much significance on the magic properties of numbers that they can declare victory if they obtain a slightly larger value than they expected, and feel defeated if they settle for a tiny bit less (or […]

As a new feature this year, the SCMA fall conference sponsored two institutes the afternoon before the traditional Saturday conference. The one I attended was on the interaction between collaborative law and mediation. I probably have no business writing a blog post on collaborative law, because I know very little about it, but in the course of acting as devil’s advocate and class trouble-maker at the institute, I did learn a few things. One is that collaborative law is becoming more widely accepted in divorce proceedings. Another is a little bit about how it works, most notably that all professionals must operate under what is called a participation agreement that requires them to disqualify themselves if the matter goes to […]

Congratulations to my fellow SCMA board member, and new president Barbara Brown, for pulling off a very successful SCMA fall conference at Pepperdine this weekend! Forrest (Woody) Mosten led a presentation yesterday called Mediation in the Year 2030, imagining what the world of ADR might look like 20 years from now. Apparently, in the courthouse of the future, there will be 10 mediation rooms for every traditional courtroom. All judges and staff will be trained in mediation. Mediators will be credentialed, and highly skilled. Clerks will be helpful and friendly, seeing themselves as consumer representatives. Many disputes will not even enter the courthouse. Mediators will be the first point of contact in resolving many disputes, and will assemble the necessary […]